Dear students,

On behalf of all our faculty, staff and students, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Economics, Istanbul University. As a member of the Turkey's first Faculty of Economics, I’m extremely proud of the rich tradition and the academic achievements that our faculty has upheld since its founding in 1936. I would like to express my gratitude to our faculty members, administrators and staff who have constructed this academic structure.

In our faculty, we would like to educate individuals who cling it’s institutional values, who have self-confidence in terms of scholarly, professional, social and cultural foundations, who are aware of nature and environmental issues, who can be easily involved in globally innovational and creative processes and who have a high global competitive power. With a participant perspective, our faculty is open to develop all of its processes and programs in accordance with our students’ ideas and contributions.
Located in Istanbul, one of the economic and cultural hubs of the world, Istanbul University offers unique opportunities for its students to interact with national and international markets, to reach public sector and private companies and to establish relations with public managers. Our students take part in domestic and international projects, conduct applied research and learn research techniques, and are supported by journals and book publications of our faculty. Additionally, they also benefit from our national and international partnerships and possibilities of the student exchange programs such as Erasmus and Farabi, the opportunity to experience different universities in Turkey and abroad. 
We carry out our academic activities with a total of 247 academicians, including 78 professors, 32 associate professors, 79 doctor lecturers, 66 research assistants and 2 lecturers who have completed their education abroad or have experience abroad. In this faculty, which is based on producing knowledge and continuously expanding its research and development opportunities we are also proud to present the country's largest library of economics. Our main goal is to meet the demands of our students with English preparatory classes and departments offering English education. 
Having 641 foreign students from 77 countries of different cultures and geographies, we are a faculty that is a gateway to the world. Our students are not only nurtured with the cultural values of the world but also live with our national, spiritual and historical values. Our faculty, which educates leaders in economic and administrative fields and has academic achievements all over the world, prepares students for the future world. 
We are happy to share the privilege of being a member of the Faculty of Economics of the Istanbul University with the most successful students of our country. I would like to cordially invite our potential students to explore this outstanding faculty, to benefit from its facilities and to become a member. With our current students, academicians and staff, we are actually experiencing this pride. Moral values and intellectual depths of our alumni, and all the services they render to our country and society have always been a source of happiness for us. With this message, I would like to conclude by wishing our current and potential students a very effective and productive experience in our journey from history to future, from culture to wisdom, from local to universal, from consuming information to producing it.
Best wishes to all of you.


Prof. (PhD) Sayım Yorgun